Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Patriot Power Generator

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There's no doubt, the power system across the U.S. is in serious jeopardy. There is a very real threat by outside forces that could take down our power system at any time, and with it, life as we know it. In order to be able to continue enjoying even a few modern conveniences, you're going to need a backup plan that will allow you to power some essential appliances.

Whether you want to keep your refrigerator cold, your cell phone powered or a fan and security lights operational, you need a plan that will allow you to have the electrical power you need in the event that our power grid is struck by age, terrorists or a natural disaster.

While you might think you'll be able to get by during a short-term power outage, but have you thought about what would happen if the power was out for days, weeks or even months? Stores would be empty and you'd have no way of withdrawing cash or even filling your vehicle with gas. It's important that you have a plan in place that will help you survive through these troubling times.

Now, imagine that you have an unlimited supply of energy and you don't have to rely on the electrical grid or even a gas powered generator. A solar powered generator that is not only discreet and mobile, but will also be able to deliver free power when you need it will certainly be a major advantage during just about any type of disaster.

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 weighs only 38 pounds, making it easy to move by just about anyone. It's also compact enough to take with you if you have to bug out. Of course, unlike generators that are powered by gasoline, this solar powered generator doesn't require you to store fuel and it doesn't produce toxic fumes. More importantly, it also doesn't draw unwanted attention. Do you really want marauding groups being drawn by the noise of your generator? When these difficult times come, being able to fly under the radar of looters will be an important part of keeping your family safe.

The Patriot Power Generator is simple enough that anyone will be able to use it. Simply unfold it, set up the solar panel, plug the solar panel into the generator and you're ready to go. You can plug in your electrical devices and enjoy unlimited free power from the sun. This sun powered generator delivers up to 1500 watts of continuous power to provide power to your computer, lights, TV and even small appliances.